LSPD’s Detective Hall finds herself outgunned at the jewelry store

The LSPD is known for their cocksure attitude and smack talking ways but recently Detective Hall and another officer found themselves facing superior firepower when at the jewelry store.

Techniques and training failed them in what turned out to be a humbling case of being outgunned by persons inside the store.

SAPD brutalizes handcuffed prisoner in custody

Another day and there’s been another atrocity at the hands of the San Andreas Police Department. In this case Ryan Kindle was handcuffed and in their custody when an officer brutalized him in a holding area.

One has to hope that with the election of a Mayor in the future there will also be changes to the leadership of the police force.

SAPD airborne assassins murder boaters at sea

NoPixel is a online role playing server for Grand Theft Auto. The police force in San Andreas has a history of violence and abuse towards the citizens.

In this clip Officer Frank Williams orders Officer Emma Dupont to open fire on the people in the boat below her helicopter.

At the time there were two police helicopters in the sky above the boat and at least one police boat in the area on the water making it extremely unlikely that the folks in the boat would evade capture.

This is yet another example of how the corruption and malfeasance of the SAPD continues unchecked. A candidate for the upcoming Mayor’s race has already indicated that cleaning up the city is part of his platform.