Google Pixel 3 Fabric Phone Case

Google Pixel 3 Fabric Phone Case

I bought a Google Pixel 3 Fabric Phone Case for my phone while I was at Best Buy recently. They had a nice little end cap display of the Pixel phones and accessories and it was too temping to get it right away versus waiting for a case to be ordered online and shipped.

$40 seems like a hell of a lot of money for just a little bit of plastic covered with fabric but I know I’d be cursing up a storm if I were to have not bought a case that day and then dropped and damaged by brand new phone soon after,

After slipping my cellphone inside I must say that I like the feel of fabric in my hand. I went with the Indigo color and I think it’s not going to show any soiling from long term use. The slight amount of width and the extra grip it adds over carrying the phone around without a case makes me feel a lot more secure about not dropping my phone. I have not had a problem slipping it into or taking it out of my pockets.

So far I like the case but think it should only have been $25 I see on Amazon the Carbon covered case is on sale for $31 at the time of this writing.

Nexus 6 long term review

Who keeps the same cellphone for more than 3 years these days? 

Who keeps the same cellphone for more than 3 years these days? 

My Motorola Nexus 6 Android cellphone arrived June 30th 2015 when my Google Project Fi invitation arrived.  I had been using a Nexus 5 cellphone prior on AT&T and then T-Mobile’s network, but in order to switch my cellular service to Project Fi I was required to purchase a new Nexus 6.

Motorola Nexus 6

I bought a Project Fi Nexus 6 (64 GB, Midnight Blue) $549 and that was my cellphone for nearly 4 years.  I added a plastic case and slipped a metal plate inside it to use with a magnetic mount kit.

Motorola Nexus 6 rear

A Project Fi Welcome Kit was also sent to me and I got a number of Android OS and security updates sent to it.  I noticed the battery life getting low about a year ago and some noticeable swelling of the battery pack.  The phone continued to work great other than the ever shortening battery life.  I think the original Motorola power block developed an issue and stopped supporting fast charges after a couple years. The battery pack on my Nexus 5 has also swelled in the years since it’s purchase and lost most of it’s capacity. The batteries on my Nexus 7 and Nexus 9 tablets still look and work great.

Motorola Nexus 6 swelling battery

I was considering using one of my tablets to replace it for main cellphone use since they can also make and take calls on Google Fi but when I saw a 50% off sale celebrating the birthday of Google Fi service I decided to purchase a new Google Pixel 3 to replace my Nexus 6.


Google Pixel 3

My new phone arrived today and activating it and moving over my apps and data couldn’t have been easier. Today was the last day I used my Nexus 6 as my cellphone and I hope my new Pixel 3 is as good as it was too me.

Pixel 3 and Nexus 6

1 year old today, my “state of the blog” address


The and blogs are 1 year old today!

It was January 7th of 2016 when I made the Hello World posts on the WordPress blogs I created on the and domains.  I registered these domains way back in late 1999 and used them for a variety of things including having them pointed at websites and email.

The technology used for hosting web sites has changed over time, and a year ago I decided that I wanted to build my skills on what is a very popular content management system at this time.  I have learned a lot about WordPress in the past year, and I am continuing to learn even more about what it means to host, create, publish, and monetize content on the internet.

Each of my blogs currently has 15 unique pages and about 80 blog posts, most of which are published and not drafts at this time.  I’d like to make a blog post on each one each day, but in practice I’ve been averaging about a post a week on each.

I average about 5 unique visitors per day per blog at this point.  They each view on average 2 pages.  This number has grown over the year and is more consistent when I am posting to my blogs on a regular basis.  I display 3 ads using Google Adsense on my blogs, and my revenue for both sites combined was between $4-$5 for the entire year.  I monetized my YouTube channel in December and started creating video blog posts.  It contributed about .30 in that month to the total I mentioned above.

For the first six months I also hosted some ads or created links that used an advertising network but during that time I didn’t earn enough commissions to keep that account open.  I’m no longer actively using that network but I still remember what I learned while implementing it.

I have affiliate accounts with both eBay and Amazon that I use for linking and inserting advertisements that can pay me a commission when people click on them and then buy something on those sites.  I describe this in my Disclosures page as I am required to per FTC regulations.  I have also shared my links with friends so it’s difficult to know how much of the approximately $70 I earned on eBay, and $6 I earned with Amazon during the year were because of blog readers instead of friends and family using my links.  I didn’t see any other income from my other partner and referral links.

The costs for my domain registration, domain name service (DNS), and optimized WordPress hosting could be around $15 a month per blog depending on the vendors and plans I choose.  I mention this so that when I say that my blogs aren’t yet paying for themselves, my readers will understand the figures involved.  I didn’t start publishing these blogs to make money, but it would be nice if they were self supporting.  In the past year I have been very pleased with Hostgator.

I’ve used the skills I’ve learned in the past year to take on two clients for which I have also created, managed, and updated WordPress websites and social media channels in the last year as a for profit venture.  It’s possible that I will add additional clients and websites in the next year while also growing my own two blog sites.

If you have been thinking about starting your own blog, or would be interested in having a website created for you, or have any other questions, please use the form to contact me.  If you like my blogs please be aware that you can be notified up updates via following my Twitter account and/or by signing up for email updates on each blog site.  Thanks for reading my blogs.



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