Portable Amateur Radio Operations Sunrise Park Holly Hill FL

I took my portable QRP ham radio out to Sunrise Park in Holly Hill FL along with my portable antenna to try and make contacts.

I was using a Yaesu FT-817ND, a LDG Z-817 antenna tuner, and a Chameleon Antenna MPAS portable antenna. I had the Military extension whip and spike mount options installed.

I used a Paxcess portable 12 volt power pack to provide power to my radio so that I could operate at 5 watts.

Vblog for August 6th 2017 Being older and wiser means knowing when to make the lemonade

In my Vblog for August 6th, 2017 I talk about something I did the day before and how I handled it now, vs how a younger self would have handled the same situation.

I tell a story about what happened when I drove over an hour away from home to take the test to get my amateur radio license.