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Thanks for visiting my blog.  My name is Ed.  Please allow me to introduce myself.

I’ve worked in the tech industry teaching technical and sales classes for 15 years.  Prior to that I worked in various IT roles at a major medical testing corporation over 16 years.  I’m currently looking for my next career opportunity, and taking time to learn new things like blogging, playing my synthesizer, and more Spanish vocabulary.

My background in technology dates back to 1978 when I took my first computer math class in high school.  I registered my first internet domains in 1999.  I joined Twitter July 2008.  I’ve been an early adopter of social media except for Facebook.  The first time I went to create a profile there, it required an email address at an educational domain (.EDU) and I didn’t have one.  They have changed since then but I haven’t been back to join.

My gaming background was some PC based games when I was younger, and then nothing until I bought a PS2.  I later got an XBox 360, but now pretty much only play PC based games.  I sometimes will stream my game play up to Twitch, which allows other folks to watch and chat while I’m playing, in real time.

The entertainment I consume the most is the kind that is delivered via the Internet.  I “cut the cord” and disconnected my cable television service over a year ago.  I still have an antenna hooked up for local news but streaming accounts for over 90% of what I watch.  Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are where most of the movies and TV shows I watch are hosted.  For music I use Amazon Prime Music and I subscribe to SiriusXM.  When the US Stock Markets are open, I’m probably watching a stream from CNBC from inside a trading platform.  I also watch other people playing games or creating things on Twitch a lot, and I have subscribed to some channels on YouTube.

Why did I create this blog?

I wanted to learn WordPress and things related to online search engines and advertising.  I had two domains that I was only using for email hosting, and felt I should add a web presence to them.  I realized that much of the things I read each day on the internet were being delivered to me by blogging websites, and that I have stories and information that I think is worth sharing with others.

I also write another blog that’s focused on Travel, Finance, Food, and living well.  There’s a link to it at the top of all of the pages on this blog.
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