Vblog for August 6th 2017 Being older and wiser means knowing when to make the lemonade

In my Vblog for August 6th, 2017 I talk about something I did the day before and how I handled it now, vs how a younger self would have handled the same situation.

I tell a story about what happened when I drove over an hour away from home to take the test to get my amateur radio license.

Daytona Beach Amateur Radio Association Wednesday Portable Ops Veteran’s Park South Daytona FL

Every Wednesday the Daytona Beach Amateur Radio Association (DBARA) has members who bring portable batteries, transceivers, and antennas to a local park and they setup low power amateur radio stations.

They contact other amateur radio stations and log their success at communicating over distances while using a minimum amount of power.
For more information visit them at DBARA.ORG