OJOcam Dashcam – I fear that the end is near

I think I’m going to have to replace my OJOcam dash cam soon.

I’ve previously written about the OJOcam dash cam I use in my car.  It has captured a parking lot accident and an aggressive driver.  I’ve also posted some test videos from it before and in general I have been very happy with it’s operation.

Sadly I noticed a washed out LCD screen about 6 months ago that makes it difficult to check or adjust any of it’s settings, but it was still recording video just fine.

More recently when I was on my Hurricane Matthew evacuation drives, which included long daytime use in the sun and elevated heat, I noticed a large black splotch on the LCD.  At one point I saw a solid red light and it seemed to stop working for a while.

I’m trying to save money but it looks like I will be in the market for a replacement dash cam in the future.  I think I’m going to look at systems that support both a front and rear cam at the same time.

I know that I’ve only had it for about 3 years, and my car just hit 10,000 miles.  This seems like a short lifetime for a dash cam but I know that the sun and heat in Florida takes it’s toll on car electronics.  I will be on the lookout for a bargain at Newegg, eBay, and Amazon.






Designated Survivor – Pilot episode of ABC series

Continuity of Government (COG) is a government program that the US has for security reasons and obviously doesn’t talk much about in the public press.  It is designed to make sure that in the event of an attack against government leaders, there will be other leaders and resources ready to take the place of any that are lost and to address any needed counter attack and also to respond to the concerns of the public.

Designated Survivor is a television program on ABC TV.  I watched the pilot episode of this new series about a week ago, and it reminded me how much I dislike network television and commercial breaks.  That’s not the fault of this show though I did notice somethings in the show that were inaccurate, but were done to make for a more thematic viewing experience.  While there seems to be a pretty decent cast of actors on this show, I think many of the characters are stereotypes.  I also am used to mature programs and when a central element of the episode was a horrific attack on Congress resulting in the deaths of nearly everyone, and you barely see evidence of it on screen, you know you are watching a show that has been watered down for family and advertiser friendliness.

There was also a good deal of predictability about the plot, at least in the one episode I watched, which was all about introducing the story and the characters to the viewer.  I might watch this series later when it ends up on something without commercials to give it a second chance, but for now I’m not going to be tuning into network TV to watch it.  I’ve probably been spoiled by watching cable television network programming and R rated movies, but at first viewing this show just wasn’t engaging enough to me.

Papers, Please – A game where you are a border guard and check documents

Papers, Please is a game published in 2013 that has you working as a border guard, checking documents, in a depressing socialist society.  It’s only $9.99 on the Steam Store and is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.  The YouTube video above has my first hour and a half of playing it from the beginning.  I like it because it challenges you to go fast without making mistakes.

You can play this on your system by yourself, as it is a single player game.  Sometimes when I play games on my PC I will stream them up to the Twitch.TV service so that other folks can view my game play.  You might think watching other folks play games is strange, but it’s something that you might enjoy when trying to figure out which game to buy, or how to better play one that you already own.

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Amazon Prime and Twitch Prime

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