HBO’s Westworld teaser trailer looks awesome

The teaser trailer for HBO’s remake of Westworld looks awesome, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see this series become very popular with audiences.  This new series features Jonathan Nolan and JJ Abrams among it’s  executive producers and the casting looks to be pretty great as well.

This is based on a film written by Michael Crichton, who was a very successful author, screen writer, and movie and TV maker.  The motion picture used advanced effects for it’s time and was released in 1973.  A sequel followed.

The plot explores the ideas around humans interacting with androids, and it’s not a environment where everyone does only happy safe things, and makes it home to sleep in their own bed at night.  The advances in visual effects are in my opinion going to help this new version go places the film could have only dreamed about portraying to viewers.  I’ll be eagerly awaiting the release of more trailers and the release of this series.

That second item on Amazon has a trailer for the original movie that explains a good amount of the backstory for what Westworld is and why it exists.  Watch it if you have never heard of this movie before.

Arma 3 Project Life | Highlights from my first day of gameplay

I started playing a new role playing game yesterday.  It’s a modification for the popular Arma III (or Arma 3) game called Project Life. (A3PL)

I work some jobs, make some money, buy some food and meet some people, and buy a house.

I see the aftermath of a shooting, and also watch a boat catch fire and explode. I’m locked out of my house, and then on the next morning I wake up in my house, and can’t get out. I lose my house keys.

The game’s website is

You can watch me stream my game play live at

iPhone 4S necromanced after faulty iOS upgrade

Like a lot of folks, I tried upgrading the iOS on my iPhone 4S from version 8 to version 9 last fall, and ended up with a phone that had an upgrade failure error message, and also could not be restored to the previous version.  Thanks Tim Cook.

This wasn’t as much a catastrophe as it was an annoyance, since I had already moved to using an Android based phone prior to this issue.  In fact I keep my iPhones pretty much just to support a couple of things that I bought which require iOS, or use the special Apple connector.

I bought a really nice alarm clock/speakerphone from the iHome folks, and also have a Withings Aura which communicates to my iPhone about my sleeping habits, which I still use daily.  Fixing my iPhone restored proper operation to these for me.

I had given up and left my iPhone 4S in an inoperative state for months but this week I hooked it back up to the program I despise the most, iTunes, and was able to complete the upgrade to a newer version of iOS 9.  So if you find an older iPhone that’s still got an upgrade error message on it, you may also be able to raise to from the dead now, like I did.