Turn: Washington’s Spies Season 1 review

This AMC original series was one that I recently binge watched it’s entire first season on Netflix.  It’s also available on other streaming and rental services, and there’s also a second season.  It’s set during the American Revolutionary War period and concerns the group of people who became the first spy ring for General George Washington.  I’ve always liked American history as well as cloak and dagger kinds of intrigue.

I liked the HBO series “John Adams” and I found myself liking this series as well.  It’s pretty easy to figure out who the protagonist and antagonists are in this one, and it does a good job of creating some nasty and mean characters that if you are like me, you will grow to despise.  That makes it all the better when something bad happens to them, or disappointing when it doesn’t.

Season 2 isn’t on Netflix yet, and isn’t part of Amazon Prime either, but as soon as it shows up, you can bet I will be binge watching it as well.  AMC is also promoting the launch of Season 3 in April, so those of you with that channel have a chance to catch up and then watch the newest season when it releases.  No spoilers please for those of us who have cut the cable TV cord.  I recommend this show.

Sonic Drive In Mobile Pay follow up

Sonic Drive In Mobile Pay receipt
Sonic Drive In Mobile Pay receipt

Success!  This is a follow up to my earlier post about the Sonic Drive In Mobile Pay app.  Today I gave it another try at the same location I had difficulty using it before, and things worked without a hitch.

I’ve changed my mind and will now say that this is pretty cool when it works, and if you want to give it a try, go ahead.  I’ve still got a decent sized balance on my card and will continue to use it from time to time, and will post another update in the event I run into problems again.

I’m still finding my small portable container of Sriracha Sauce very handy for those times I eat in my car or away from home.  I used some on my chicken strips and tater tots from Sonic.

Netflix House of Cards Season 4 review

I recently took the time to binge watch all of the latest season episodes of the Netflix exclusive House of Cards.  I had previously watched seasons 1-3 and like most folks who follow this show, was looking forward to the latest season’s release.

This show has an excellent cast, and I really like the pace of the stories, which allows for more than ample character development.  The writing is typically pretty good without being too over the top.  Other than mentioning a non-existent “internet sales gun buying loophole” twice, I thought the 4th season’s plot was pretty believable.

In my opinion the 4th season wasn’t the best one so far, but it was still pretty good.  This is one show that I hope ends when the story line calls for it, and isn’t allowed to “jump the shark”.  Even though it seems like the male character who is the President is main focus, this season spends ample time focusing on his wife, the First Lady.  It’s good to have a strong and capable female lead character, and the actress cast in this role, Robin Wright, certainly does a great job not only acing, but in directing some of the episodes as well as being an executive producer for this season.

If you’ve watched the previous seasons, you should set some time aside and take in season 4 when you get a chance.  If you haven’t watched the previous seasons, take a week and start watching from the beginning.