Android Pay Rewards Tap 10 Promotion Completed

Android Rewards Tap 10 promotion completed
Android Rewards Tap 10 promotion completed

I wrote a post about the Android Pay Rewards Tap 10 promotion earlier this month.  This post is about how I made my 10 purchases using Android Pay this month, and the rewards I received.  I’ll also comment a little about using Android Pay.

I didn’t go out of my way to buy anything I wouldn’t normally, or shop any where I don’t normally shop.  The number of vendors that accept Android Pay is growing, but of the ones on the list, the ones I would be likely to visit 10 times combined in a single month were just McDonald’s and Walgreen’s.  My purchases were spread out across 25 days.

I used Android Pay at Walgreen's and McDonald's
I used Android Pay at Walgreen’s and McDonald’s

Using Android Pay at McDonald’s meant holding my phone up to the point of sale (POS) terminal.  At the drive thru window of my local store, they have this one a long cable, and seem pretty familiar with what to do when people attempt to pay with their phone.  They might ask “Apple Pay?” and I would reply “Yeah, something like that“.  One of the downsides to this is that you are holding your phone outside your car, and taking a chance on dropping it.  Another thing I observed is that many times, I would have to place my phone close to the POS terminal, attempt the payment, and then pull my phone back inside the car to enter my PIN, and then stick it back out again to try a second time, which is when it would work.  This is doubling the risk of dropping my phone, although requiring the PIN does reduce the risk of unauthorized charges.  I really wish Google would allow me to enter the PIN manually before sticking my phone next to the POS reader.

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Dashcam records a parking lot accident

While sitting in a parking lot eating my breakfast, I heard a crash. My dash cam was recording and captured the two vehicles coming together. As far as I can tell, there were no human injuries.

I provided my contact information to the Port Orange Police in case they wanted a copy of this video.

In the first part, watch for a Buick that drives past the left side of my car, and then starts going to the right across the parking lot.

In the second part, the Buick that drives past the left side of my car, and then starts going to the right across the parking lot continues until it strikes the right side of another vehicle, also driving from left to right.

Please note that the time stamp is 3 hours earlier than actual time.  My dash cam automatically breaks up the video files into 100 MB pieces, and this event spanned two of them.

Which cellular carrier is better?

Is the best cellular network the one that has coverage everywhere you are?

What’s the point of paying for a cellphone if you can’t use it when you want.  Who cares about which network cover’s more of the country, if it’s not covering the parts you spend your time in?

Is the best network the one with the best sounding calls, and fastest data?

So often I hear poor audio from cellphones, but I never know whether it’s the carrier, the phone, or maybe the person using the phone isn’t holding it close to their mouth, or they are in a noisy environment.  Usually calls over WiFi sound better to me, but that’s probably because there’s less compression being used.

Waiting on maps to download or pictures to upload makes me think the network is slow, but once these things happen quickly, it’s fast enough. For my typical uses, even the improved 3G cellular data was fast enough

Is the best one the one that gives you the most for the least cost?

Unlimited minutes, unlimited text messages and unlimited data might be perfect for the person that talks on the phone all day, texts every time a thought crosses their mind, and watches movies and streams every day. The person who rarely talks on the phone, sends a couple texts a day, and spends most of their time in WiFi covered areas may find that unlimited plans have them paying for more than they would ever use.

The “best carrier and plan” depends on multiple things.  Coverage, cost, and usage or needs.  For my own needs and uses, Google’s Project Fi has been a really good match.

Google what?

My long term review of the Google Fi cellular service is almost done, and will be posted to soon.